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The sales of Zeus and Athena Beatbox was much more than we had expected. Of course, this is really good news and we look forward to 2014 with lots of new and cool products.

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Interesting fact about company, shows and upcoming events .

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Screen Protector Tempered Glass

This Tempered Glass offers the ultimate protection and it will keep the phone's screen safe from cracking or scratches. It has been designed to protect the phone from expensive repairs.
The Japanese glass with a hardness of rating of 9H is impact resistant – rigorous testing includes dropping a 30mm, 130g metal ball onto the phone with the Tempered Glass in place for a height of 50cm. Other quality checks include a scratch resistant test using a scalpel and an electric drill.

- A Japanese glass with a hardness rating of 9H is impact resistant
- Thickness 0,33mm with 2.5D rounded edges
- A special coating resists bold on the screen
- Anti splitter function

We have this for iPhone 5/6/6 Plus and Galaxy S5/S6

MultiCard Magnet Wallet

MultiCard Magnet Wallet is a really handy case with very many creditcard pockets and big note pockets. With a magnetic cover that is easy to put on and remove, and that makes it easy to use the case. The leather is in a nice retro look and you can find it in many different colors.

We have this for iPhone 5/6 and Galaxy S6/Edge/Edge Plus

Retro Wallet

Retro Wallet have three pockets and is made in a nice retro leather look. Available in different colors.

We have this for iPhone 6, 6Plus, Galaxy S5/A3/A5/S6 and Sony Z3

ID Wallet

ID wallet has four pockets and with a nice soft leather. Available in many different colors.

We have this for iPhone 5/5S/6/6 Plus, Galaxy S5/A3/A5/S6/Note 4 and Sony Z2/Z3/Z3 Compact

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- Robust and shock resistant case
- In four trendy colors Silver, Blue, Gold, Grey
- Tempered glass enclosed, 9H thickness 0,26mm
- Protects your device against accidental contact
- Access to all connectors & buttons

We have it for iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6

Soft TPU Case

Soft TPU Case in various colors.

We have this for iPhone 6 nad Galaxy S6

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Our brand and our Partner Companies today jointly announced the signing of a share subscription agreement. 


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